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Personal Training


Personal Training


Personal Training is guided exercise that involves safely strengthening and conditioning the entire body. A comprehensive program includes simultaneous training of strength and flexibility and leads to noticeable gains in posture, ease of movement, breathing, balance, and body composition. Here at Athletify, we pride ourselves on creating programs that address your top fitness priorities.

Personal Training can be individualized to benefit people who are just getting into fitness to the most seasoned world class athlete. We cover the fitness spectrum!

If you’re looking for a low impact exercise approach to lose weight, you’ll be exposed to excellent ways of strengthening your body without aggravating joint pain. That said, don’t be surprised that as you get stronger, you’re ability to tolerate impact activities will improve!

If you’re an elite athlete looking boost your performance to get the edge on your competition, we have the experience in professional sports (NBA, CFL, MLS) that you can gain from. Start today and take your ability to the next level!

Get Better. Get Moving.

  • Personal Training is provided by Spencer Dungey, our Certified Athletic Therapist and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
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