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Physio Pilates


Physio Pilates

Athletify physiotherapists are also trained mat Pilates instructors. Pilates sessions guided one-on-one by our physiotherapists.

Pilates is a system of exercise that is rooted in strengthening the entire body. While there is certainly a “core” component that targets the abdominal muscles, Pilates also strengthens the neck, shoulders, wrists, hips, knees, ankles and everything in between. Improvements in joint mobility and flexibility occur as body control improves.

This simultaneous training of strength and flexibility leads to noticeable gains in posture, easy of movement, breathing, and balance.

Pilates can be individualized to benefit people who are just getting into fitness to the most seasoned world class athlete.

Pilates is a low impact exercise. An excellent way to strengthen the body without aggravating joint pain.

If you’re interested in Physio-Pilates, it all starts with booking a regular initial physiotherapy consultation with our physiotherapists.

Get Better. Get Moving.

  • Physio-Pilates can be covered by your physiotherapy extended health benefits.
  • Our physiotherapists offer one-on-one Mat Pilates sessions.
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