Athletify Yourself

Physio Prescribed Personal Training

Our physiotherapists will assess your physical capability and match a workout routine with your needs and goals.

All our patients have a common goal to return to their physical activities ASAP. Often, it’s to return to the gym. Our Physio prescribed personal training allows our patients have a watchful eye on their therapeutic exercise programs. This is done in a gym setting (on site at the clinic) allowing patients to return to the gym environment sooner and safer than if done independently. The individualized programming allows patients to become stronger in a timely manner helping the overall injury recovery process.

Physio Prescribed Personal Training
Personal training

Get Better. Get Moving. Get Athletified!

Because of the collaboration needed amongst our team of professionals to manage each training session, we do not have online booking available for this service. Please call or email us and we’ll solidify a schedule for you.