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Golf Fitness Assessment

Your Golf swing is a complex body movement, and who better to analyse and optimize it, than an expert in the science of human movement?

Whether you’re injured, want to play better, or simply want to improve recovery between rounds to play more, you have to see our physiotherapist Scott.

He’s our certified Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) medical professional.
In addition to his post graduate studies that specialize in golf therapy and performance, as a passionate recreational golfer himself, he can relate to the up and down emotional roller coaster of golf.

The TPI assessment and programming can be an asset to any golfer no matter the skill level. In fact, the higher your handicap the bigger the gains.

 What to expect

We use the latest technology, to provide you with a head to toe analysis of your swing, in order to evaluate how your current physical state compliments an efficient golf swing.

You will be guided through a movement screening using the Titleist Performance Institute app, followed by video analysis of your swing, in our golf-lab hitting bay.


Our physiotherapist will then go over the combined data, and walk you through how to optimize your biomechanics. You will then be provided with a tailored exercise video to correct the restrictions found during the assessment.

  • Full movement analysis – Using TPI screen application
  • Video assessment of your swing
  • Walk-through of the results
  • Exercise plan video with online access through TPI “PRO” Site
  • Swing analysis photos
All this for just $350

Please contact us to book this assessment

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