Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy

A cutting-edge therapeutic modality that uses sound energy to amplify your body’s healing process. This therapy doesn’t include leaving rubber pads or suction cups on the skin, it’s a treatment tool that sounds like a little jack hammer and it is always held by the therapist. The physiotherapist uses this machine to target the stubborn healing tissue to produce “microtrauma”. This microtrauma isn’t enough to worsen your injury, but it is enough to blast away excessive scar tissue and it stimulates a more aggressive healing process in the healthy surrounding tissue. The end result after 4-6 sessions is faster and stronger healing.

This therapy can be applied to many conditions of Tendinosis, Chronic tendinitis and Chronic Muscle strains.

Common conditions that are treated:

Achilles tendinosis
Plantar fasciitis
Golfers elbow
Tennis elbow
Rotator cuff tendinosis
Rotator cuff partial tears
Groin strains
Calf strains
Quadriceps strain
Hamstring strain

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