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Athletify opened its doors in Aurora in 2016. It is a physiotherapist owned operation and home to an active approach, in order to promote a healthy lifestyle, as well as provide performance care and injury rehabilitation.

Our bright and clean facility, located on Yonge Street – Aurora, houses physiotherapists, a registered massage therapists, a registered acupuncturist, as well as a specialized golf rehab lab with biomechanical assessment and golf fitness equipment. We also provide full sessions of one-on-one Pilates training that is included in our physiotherapy services.

We Give the best of ourselves to our patients


Friendly customer service and staff that are here for your all your needs.

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Scott Dunne

Physiotherapist and Clinic Owner

“My passion is to improve the overall health and wellness of our patients, so here at Athletify Physical Health, our team will do their best to exceed your expectations when it comes to health care.”


What we offer

Each of our team members are comitted to providing high quality care. We offer the following services to our community.

  • Physiotherapy
  • Shockwave Therapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Golf Fitness
  • Acupuncture/Dry Needling
  • Exercise prescription
  • Personal Training
  • Pilates

What our clients Say

In my personal opinion what separates Riccardo is his understanding of general fitness/sports and what's required of the body, which makes for a good starting point in the assessments. Thorough, knowledgeable and professional. #doesyourphysioevenlift -  B. Strydom

B. Strydom

I had been to several physio and chiros and pretty much lost faith in the practice until I met Scott. I came to Scott with a knee injury caused by tightness and weakness in supporting muscles. I also had some associated hamstring and back issues. He diagnosed me better than a sports doctor and was able to not only manually treat me but more importantly he gave me the tools/exercises to work on at home in order to heal way faster. Where my adult athletic career almost ended, Scott helped me get back to the best shape I have been in since I was 25. I sincerely recommend him for both physio and as a trainer. - Kevin


My husband was referred to Physiotherapy following cervical spine surgery. Scott Dunne assessed my husband and communicated in detail what his goals and approach would be in my husband's treatment. His mobility and strength have increased significantly through ongoing PT sessions and assigned exercise program. We moved to another area of the province and Scott provided a written overview to his new Physiotherapist. My husband was extremely pleased with his experience at Athletify. - K. Ward

K. Ward

As an athlete I need to recover as quickly as possible to return to my training and preparations for competition. The hands on approach (instead of hooking me up to a machine and leaving for 30 minutes) has led to my quick recovery from multiple sports related injuries . I STRONGLY recommend this clinic to anyone who's interested in recovering quickly and efficiently! - A. Cunnane


Athletify is a first class clinic for recovering from injury and proactive work on movement for sport. I have worked with Athletify in both situations and seen fantastic results. The team is exceptionally knowledgeable, experienced and compassionate. Clinic environment is clean, comfortable and welcoming. Online booking and intake process is simple, convenient and time saving. I highly recommend. - J. Page

J. Page