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work with us at Athletify

The culture at Athletify is similar to a sports team. We offer a variety of professional health services and blend it all with our unique golf offering. Just like a sports team, each individual worker plays their own role using their personal skillset, but we collaborate as a team to make sure the goals of each patient and client are being met. Each professional working at Athletify plays as integral roll in creating an atmosphere that is encouraging, supportive, conducive to healing and to improving performance. The environment is very supportive and questions amongst colleagues are not only welcome but encouraged. This is a great environment for those who love learning and improving their own knowledge through collaborative work. We believe that better performance is rooted in better health – and not just sport performance. “Performance gains” is a relative term that extends from getting out of bed or walking pain free, to playing a sport at a elite level.

The human body is amazing and incredibly adaptable. No matter what the goal, paying attention to over all health and addressing movement, strength, balance, nutrition, sleep and stress levels, leads to faster healing and better performance. Gains are tough to achieve when team morale is down; so at Athletify, we expect each team member to “walk the walk” and radiate vibes of health and fitness. The look and feel of healthy energy is contagious and leading by example is very important to personal health, job satisfaction, as well as patient and client outcomes.

Are you a therapist / practitioner who feels this work environment sounds like a place where you can excel?

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Are you a golf teaching professional with a background in health and fitness? Do you have an appreciation for fitness being a major component of golf performance and injury prevention/management?

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