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TPI Certified
TPI M3 Certified

Play a round. Take a lesson.

Whether you’re injured, want to play better, or simply want to improve recovery between rounds to play more, you have to see our physiotherapist Scott Dunne.

Scott Dunne is Titleist Performance Institute Medical 3 Certified.

NEW: Newmarket’s newest golf simulators are at Athletify! Play a round with us.


We strive to ensure extraordinary post-injury outcomes for patients and doctors, by providing outstanding physiotherapy, comprehensive education and continuing post-therapy support.

Physiotherapy for dancers

We provide therapy for ballet, jazz, hip-hop, modern, and contemporary dancers alike, keeping you injury-free and sure to never miss a performance.

Head-to-toe analysis of your golf swing

Your golf swing is a complex body movement, and who better to analyze and optimize it than an expert in the science of human movement?

Muscle Recovery Systems

Dynamic air compression massages your limbs and speeds up recovery. Great for post-workout or sore muscles.


Physiotherapy is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of nerve, muscle and joint injuries.

Pelvic floor physio

Pelvic floor physiotherapy addresses any discomfort or pain associated with a dysfunction of the muscles that sit in the bottom of our pelvis

Our therapists are committed to ensuring the best possible outcomes for you. If you’ve had a great experience at Athletify, we want to hear from you!



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Thank you again for your business and stay safe.

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