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What we Offer

Acupuncture/Dry Needling Therapy

Thin, sterile needles to help amplify your body’s natural processes.

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Physiotherapy is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of nerve, muscle and joint injuries.

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Massage Therapy

Hands-on manipulation of the soft tissues of the body to promote healing and increase mobility

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Shockwave Therapy

A cutting-edge therapeutic modality that uses sound energy to amplify your body’s healing process

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Golf Fitness

Whether you’re injured, want to play better, or simply want to improve recovery between rounds to play more, you have to see our Golf Specialist.

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Recovery Systems

Dynamic air compression massages your limbs and speeds up recovery. Great for post-workout or sore muscles.

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In Addition to our commitment towards excellence our advantages are:

We strive to ensure extraordinary post-injury outcomes for patients and doctors, by providing outstanding physiotherapy, comprehensive education and continuing post-therapy support.

  • Head Aches
  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Sport Injuries
  • Exercise Prescription
  • One-On-One Sessions
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Golf Specialized
  • Registered Therapists
  • Hands-On Therapy

Get Your Life Style Back

Our outstanding team is here to help you reach your healthcare goals


Our therapists are committed to ensuring the best possible outcomes for you.

Experience the next level in physical therapy and health education. Enjoy focused one-on-one sessions with our experienced therapists from start to finish in a private room. Understand your injury and the various ways to treat it - both in the clinic and at home. From injury management to sport performance optimization and everything in between, leave each session knowing you’ve made significant strides towards achieving your personal goals.


What our clients Say

Athletify is a first class clinic for recovering from injury and proactive work on movement for sport. I have worked with Athletify in both situations and seen fantastic results. The team is exceptionally knowledgeable, experienced and compassionate. Clinic environment is clean, comfortable and welcoming. Online booking and intake process is simple, convenient and time saving. I highly recommend. - J. Page

J. Page

As an athlete I need to recover as quickly as possible to return to my training and preparations for competition. The hands on approach (instead of hooking me up to a machine and leaving for 30 minutes) has led to my quick recovery from multiple sports related injuries . I STRONGLY recommend this clinic to anyone who's interested in recovering quickly and efficiently! - A. Cunnane


My husband was referred to Physiotherapy following cervical spine surgery. Scott Dunne assessed my husband and communicated in detail what his goals and approach would be in my husband's treatment. His mobility and strength have increased significantly through ongoing PT sessions and assigned exercise program. We moved to another area of the province and Scott provided a written overview to his new Physiotherapist. My husband was extremely pleased with his experience at Athletify. - K. Ward

K. Ward

I had been to several physio and chiros and pretty much lost faith in the practice until I met Scott. I came to Scott with a knee injury caused by tightness and weakness in supporting muscles. I also had some associated hamstring and back issues. He diagnosed me better than a sports doctor and was able to not only manually treat me but more importantly he gave me the tools/exercises to work on at home in order to heal way faster. Where my adult athletic career almost ended, Scott helped me get back to the best shape I have been in since I was 25. I sincerely recommend him for both physio and as a trainer. - Kevin


In my personal opinion what separates Riccardo is his understanding of general fitness/sports and what's required of the body, which makes for a good starting point in the assessments. Thorough, knowledgeable and professional. #doesyourphysioevenlift -  B. Strydom

B. Strydom

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