Improve Your Golf Game

Golf Fitness Assessment
& Golf Swing Analysis

Your Golf swing is a complex body movement, and who better to analyze and optimize it than an expert in the science of human movement?

Whether you’re injured, want to play better, or simply want to improve recovery between rounds to play more, our physiotherapist Scott Dunne and our kinesiologist Jeff Hammond will help you optimize your game.

Scott and Jeff are both Titleist Performance Institute Medical 3 Certified.

In addition to Scott’s post-graduate studies that specialize in golf therapy and performance, as a passionate recreational golfer himself, he can relate to the up and down emotional roller coaster of golf.

The TPI assessment and programming can be an asset to any golfer no matter the skill level. In fact, the higher your handicap, the bigger the gains.

of the top 30 players in the world are advised by a TPI Certified Expert
of Golf Digest's Top 50 Golf Fitness Professionals are TPI Certified or TPI Advisory Board Members
of the last 20 Major Championships were won by players advised by a TPI Certified Expert

What To Expect During Your Golf Swing Assessment

We use the latest technology, to provide you with a head-to-toe analysis of your swing, in order to evaluate how your current physical state compliments an efficient golf swing.

You will be guided through a movement screening using the Titleist Performance Institute app, followed by video analysis of your swing in our golf-lab hitting bay.

Our physiotherapist will then go over the combined data and walk you through how to optimize your biomechanics. You will then be provided with a tailored exercise video to correct the restrictions found during the assessment.

Performance Packages

The performance packages have a strong focus on the physical nature and biomechanics of the golf swing. A healthy, flexible and strong body has greater potential to play better golf. Our golf packages all start with a TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) movement analysis to ensure that your golf instruction compliments what you can physically do. There isn’t one perfect golf swing that applies to everyone, but there is a perfect golf swing for you! We work together as a team at Athletify to help you find that body-swing connection and optimize it.

Our team consists of PGA of Canada golf professionals, Kinesiologist and golf fitness experts, and Physiotherapists with unique specialization in golf. All of the packages below include a TPI assessment, 10 golf lessons and pre-lesson gym access for a proper warm-up. The warm-up program is customized for you based on the TPI assessment. You will experience our Athletify Team approach in all options below. There is the option of having the physiotherapy plan at the forefront of each lesson and fitness training session – each session would be overseen by the prescribing physiotherapist and can be submitted to your physiotherapy health benefits. Please contact us for more details regarding the physio stream.

Body-Swing Connection

$ 1199
(Physio Stream $1375 all in)
  • TPI assessment
  • 10 golf lessons
  • Pre-lesson gym access for a proper warm-up

Golf-Fit Package

$ 1999
(Physio Stream $2350 all in)
  • TPI assessment
  • 10 golf lessons
  • Pre-lesson gym access for a proper warm-up
  • 10 one-one fitness training sessions
  • 2 hours of PLAY on golf simulator

Player's Package

$ 3200 all in
  • TPI assessment
  • 10 golf lessons
  • Pre-lesson gym access for a proper warm-up
  • 10 one-one fitness training sessions
  • 10 one-one physiotherapy sessions
  • 5 hours of PLAY on golf simulator

AGP Fitness Packages

Personal Training

  • 1hr session with Jeff Hammond $100 +HST

    Strength and conditioning coach, kinesiologist, TPI level 3 fitness

  • 10 training session pack $850 +HST
  • TPI screen with Jeff $175

    75 min session

  • TPI screen with Scott $225

    75 min session

  • Screen includes the movement screen, swing analysis in the sim and customized fitness program based on the movement screen.
  • Although there is significant overlap between assessment and programming between Jeff and Scott, there are some differences in assessment perspective and programming. Jeff’s specialty is to increase speed and power, whereas Scott’s specialty is to increase stability, mobility and coordination.

Nutrition Coaching

With Scott Dunne — BScHK, MScPT, Precision Nutrition certified coach

  • 1hr initial consultation $225 +HST
  • 45min follow-up consultation $125 +HST
  • 1 initial consultation & 4 biweekly follow-ups $650 +HST

    Add this to any fitness or golf program

Physio PT (Physiotherapist Prescribed Personal Training)

Physio PT

One session with Jeff
$ 115
  • 60min therapeutic exercise session x1

Physio PT

10 Session Pack
$ 970
  • Session 1: With physio for initial assessment
  • Session 2-10: With trainer as a 60min therapeutic exercise session

Golf-Physio PT Package

$ 1295
  • TPI movement screen and golf swing analysis as an initial assessment
  • 10 sessions with trainer for golf fitness program prescribed by the physiotherapist
  • Follow up session with Physiotherapist that will include simulator time for analysis
  • 2 hours of independent simulator use to nurture improved mobility and movement patterns

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